NASCAR Fans Are Mad At NBCSN For Broadcaster's British Accent…Guy Is Actually Australian

That’s Leigh Diffey. He’s Australian, but that didn’t stop NASCAR fans watching Sunday’s race at Watkins Glen from thinking his accent was British and they weren’t exactly happy with this decision to turn a NASCAR race into a F1-sounding broadcast. The NASCAR bluebloods are pissed. As if having the second half of the season on NBC isn’t bad enough, now the Peacock is forcing them to listen to Diffey for hours.
Look, let’s take the whole redneck listening from his holler out of this. It’s a very bold decision from NBCSN to go with an unknown Aussie guy as the lead broadcaster for a race series that is floundering. Diffey has called pretty every form of racing there is, but that doesn’t really seem to matter to the loyal NASCAR viewer. They want to be wrapped up in a blanket of nostalgia with the voices they’ve grown to love like biscuits and gravy with a side of grits on a chilly fall morning.
All NBCSN is doing here is agitating the viewer. I don’t get why NBC hasn’t gone full redneck with its broadcasts. Throw on a couple of good old boys, sit back and soak up whatever money you can possibly make on NASCAR while you can. Why thrown on an unknown and fucc with people who are already agitated by losing the one ‘sport’ they’ve always loved? You’re losing Dale Earnhardt Jr. after this season. Stands are empty. There are 18 drivers with the same robotic messages. Just give these southerners a voice they can relate to. Doesn’t seem hard.
It seems forced. Diffey seems like a good dude. Guy who knows racing. It’s just the wrong time for this. NBC has been absolutely terrible at NASCAR coverage and has made 4-5 months of racing impossible to care about.

Yep, Diffey will be back next Sunday at Michigan.

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