Bri Teresi Is Pretty Good At IG, Kentucky Fan Got This Tat & Mel Gibson Selling For $29.75 Million

LLWS Regional action! You get two games — one at 7 and then a 9 p.m. first pitch from the Southwest Regional. Or you can watch baseball. Look, this is a perfect night to get things done that you’ve been putting off. Pull some weeds, cut the grass, fix the fence, clean out the garage, do laundry. In other words, get things done so you’re not doing these things during football weekends. Take a little advice from Uncle BC here.
Bri Teresi seems pretty good at IG
Kellyanne Conway at the beach…no way you’re skipping this link
Little League kid hits one in the trees…like 375 ft JACK
Kentucky fan got this 2018 national champions tat
Buy Mel Gibson’s house — just $29.75 million
Cockroach lands on L.A. TV reporter’s rack
This Florida Man sent dick pics to real estate agents
Here’s Alex from Marshall!

NFL Scrimmage Fan Fight of the Year

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Burger of the Day

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Rita Ora Will Ruin Your Friday, Ex-ESPNer Gary Miller Resurfaces In Cincy & Kaep's GF Goes Off On Ray
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