Titans Fans Throw Down In The Stands During A Preseason Scrimmage At Nissan Stadium

Here it is, our first football fan fight of 2017! Who would’ve thought we’d see this coming from Titans fans at a Saturday night scrimmage? I think Vegas set the line for the Titans having the first fight at somewhere around 100000000-1. Upset of the year.
I can understand preseason fights at a Raiders scrimmage because I’m pretty sure those fans just LOVE to fight each other. But I never expected it from Nashville where everybody is pretty chill and the team is exciting this year.
Who knows what started it this thing. All I know is “Keep Calm and TitanUp” guy was not “Keeping Calm and TitaningUp”. One push led to a fist to the face which led to blood everywhere. It’s preseason guys, let’s relax.
Side note: the funniest part of the video might actually be the Batman shirt guy trying to escape on foot while everyone in the stands yells, “GET HIM!”

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