Kayla Harper And Jess Bryant Are Fueling The Bryce Harper-Cubs Rumors











If any of you Nationals fans out there thought the Bryce Harper to the Cubs rumors would die down eventually, you were wrong. Those rumors are still out there and still going strong. And not even from sources or unnamed people, it’s come from the direct source, basically.
The Nats have been Chicago all weekend for a series with the Cubs and leave it to Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper’s wives to be the ones who keep this speculation alive via their IG story.

They even got their own hashtag going. It isn’t like this is completely out of nowhere. We know Harper and Bryant are friends from back in their Vegas days and we know Peter Gammons (shout out to Peter out there still grinding) reported that Harper really wants to play there and we know that the wives are friends. To me, this is more of a “when” situation rather than an “if”.

[IG – Jess Bryant & Kayla Harper]

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