Rita Ora Will Ruin Your Friday, Ex-ESPNer Gary Miller Resurfaces In Cincy & Kaep’s GF Goes Off On Ray



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Another night of football is on tap tonight with Hamilton invading Edmonton for a CFL battle at 9:30 on ESPN2. You’ll also get Nats-Cubs this afternoon on MLB. Thinking a little day drinkin, little baseball and some tunes at a local craft beer joint. Just trying to get one weekend of quiet in before the preseason games really get ramped up.

A Rita Ora GIF to get you through Friday

Kaep’s GF goes OFF on Ray Lewis

Midget McGregor vs. Midget Mayweather…this fight should be LIT!

We have a big time baseball tarp sponsor…Marshawn’s gonna love this

Remember Gary Miller from ESPN? He has a new job in Cincy

Antonio Pierce wants $8M for this pad

This crazy Florida Woman, 26, dropped her pants and showed it off, caused chaos

Here’s Haleigh from Texas A&M

Not The Best Swing I’ve Ever Seen At Top Golf Video of the Week

Burger of the Day

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