Angelina Boyko Bursts Onto The Scene, Kobe’s Dad Bod & MTV Started Today In 1981

You’ll get the semis of The Basketball Tournament tonight on ESPN. First game tips at 7. Other than that, it’s baseball. Enjoy this quiet time now. By the end of the month, your life will be consumed by pigskin. You’ll be hunkered down. Your weekends will be scheduled out. Your off days will become Tuesday & Wednesday. Your weekends will revolve around where to watch games and how you can go pick pumpkins with your girlfriend before the 3:30 kickoffs. Thankfully ESPN and the other networks have eliminated noon Saturday kickoffs that mean anything.

Angelina Boyko! No clue who she is, but the IG is decent

Kobe Bryant working on his dad bod

Jared Lorenzen has hit 500 lbs

GIF: Watch the Mercedes Benz dome roof close

I like this: Soccer players escorted by dogs up for adoption instead of kids

Louisiana teen gets hammer stuck in her mouth

Lexington TV station really effed up this Trump-Putin shot

Here’s Ellie from Florida State

Throwback Tuesday MTV Video of the Year

📺At 12:01am ET, August 1, 1981, @MTV launched with the words 'Ladies & gentlemen, rock & roll'

— RetroNewsNow (@RetroNewsNow) August 1, 2017

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