Elsa Hosk Will Get You Moving, Britt McHenry Openly Conservative & Bird Almost Gets Randy Johnson’d


Hope you have something on DVR to watch tonight because it’s going to be a horrible final day of July for sports. Indians at Red Sox is about all the juice you’re going to get. There’s also cycling and tennis. And tape delayed volleyball.

โ€ข Elsa Hosk will wake your ass up this morning with THIS!

โ€ข Selena Gomez writhing around for no good reason

โ€ข Bama stud lands DUI before camp starts

โ€ข NFLers run up big bar bill…credit cards get declined…hahahahahaha

โ€ข Bird nearly gets Randy Johnson’d

โ€ข Britt McHenry’s now an out in the open conservative

โ€ข This Florida Woman blames selfies with Trump for divorce

โ€ข Here’s Clarissa from Vandy

Julius Randle Bullying In The Lane Video of the Week

Burger of the Day

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