Tim Tebow Hit Another Bomb Last Night, His 5th Since Being Called up

I know Sandy Alderson said that the Tim Tebow signing was for marketing (which everyone on the planet knew) and that he wasn’t going to get called up to the bigs this season, but if Timmy keeps hitting these monster dongs, I think the Mets have no choice but to bring him up.
That’s 8 total on the year now and 5 since being called up to High-A. I was just like everyone else when I said that Tebow was just a ploy to sell tickets and jerseys and that he wouldn’t be any good. But somehow he’s actually pretty good.

Now I’m ready for TebowMania 2.0. I don’t see any reason that the Mets shouldn’t make the call this season. They aren’t making the playoffs, the owners love money, it’s a win-win and the internet will have a field day with it. We need this to happen.


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