Charlotte McKinney Destroying Runway, Kentucky Players Do Drive-By & Ric Flair Motivates


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We’re finally to the finals of the Gold Cup & it’s the US vs. Jamaica at 9:30 on FS1. I better see every fake soccer fan on Twitter tweeting about this match. Every damn one of them. I don’t want to hear that this is some sort of fake soccer tournament that nobody cares about. I don’t want to hear that it’s late on a weeknight. No excuses. Either you support USMNT on a Wednesday in the Gold Cup or you don’t support this country.

Charlotte McKinney bouncing down a runway

Let’s check in with 47-year-old Heather Graham

Kentucky basketball players do Drive By Dunk Challenge

Buy Yasiel Puig’s mini-mansion  — just $2.3M

Sounds like CC Sabathia’s birthday party was fun…no pics, that’s a shame

Another day in the death of local TV news

Sorta hot Florida Woman gets pulled over, sings the alphabet, lands a DUI

Here’s Sofia from South Florida

Ric Flair Motivational Speaker Of The Day

Your Moment of Flair…when you walk into work pledging to give 110% while your worthless coworkers slide by in life

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