Are We Seriously Going To Count The New Women's World Record Long Drive Of 406 Yards?

I’ve seen records stolen (Barry Bonds) and guys like Lance Armstrong go out and blood dope their way to records and then I’ve seen what went down last night on the World Long Drive in the ladies division. Phillis Meti now holds the women’s world long drive record of 406 yards….but there better be an asterisk on this number because I can’t trust records where sprinkler heads advancing a ball results in world records, especially in the thin air of Denver.
What am I talking about? Watch that video above and watch what happens when the ball lands. It launches another 60 yards or so and stopped rolling with Meti going straight into the record books. Plain and simple, it’s bullshit. Yes, out on the course a lucky bounce counts. I get it.
But this is supposed to be a competition to see who can rip it the farthest without the help of foreign objects. The WLD rules clearly need to change. Where’s the outrage?

How rigged is the world of long drive? Back in 2016, there were records being broken at Lake Tahoe with the help of firm fairways, wind and altitude. Now comes this sprinkler head in Denver. It’s as if they’re trying to create fake news. I’ve heard all about fake news lately and this seems like fake news.
The men’s world record long drive, as recognized by Guinness, is at 516 yards from Mike Austin in 1974.
The good news from last night is that Meti didn’t win the title. She might have that fake record distance, but Troy Mullins has the trophy.

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