Capital J Journalist Teddy Greenstein Asks Pat Fitzgerald If He Would've Preferred His Team Lost Bowl Game To Be Hungrier In 2017

Teddy Greenstein from the Chicago Tribune just won the Capital J journalist MVP award at the B1G Media Days for his question to Pat Fitzgerald if he would’ve preferred his team losing the Pinstripe Bowl so they’d be hungrier in 2017.
Hmmmm…now that’s a tough one. Teddy just shooting straight fire this morning.
It’s such fire that I need to rewatch that clip one more time.
“Morning, Fitz.”
Blah, blah, blah.
“How has this team reacted to the big win at Yankee Stadium.”
Bro, are you kidding me right now? This is a joke, right? Teddy’s not some rookie. He’s been with the Tribune since 1996 and has been around the sports block several times.
“Which do you prefer: If they lose, are they hungrier in the offseason?”
Bro, you know these coaches don’t look back on last year. Last year is last year, Teddy.
There it is folks, big time journalist asking a big time question. I’m sure Teddy’s not one of those entitled sports reporter guys who seems like the typical asshole sports reporter. Nah, no chance.

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