Minor League Baseball Fan Slams Her Beer After A Foul Ball Lands In Her Cup

FINAL: @JorgeOnaPadres had three hits tonight, extending his on-base streak to 22 games! pic.twitter.com/YBbiaouF6o

— Fort Wayne TinCaps (@TinCaps) July 21, 2017

Do you give a shit about who won the Single-A game between the Fort Wayne TinCaps and the Clinton LumberKings last night? Nope, even if those are some incredible team names. But you definitely will watch this hero lady fan slam her beer after a foul ball landed in it.

What’s the #1 rule in baseball if a ball lands in your beer? You chug that shit.

This is what you call a souvenir cup 🍻⚾️ pic.twitter.com/Y5Xwq410XD

— Fort Wayne TinCaps (@TinCaps) July 21, 2017

It might’ve taken a little bit of convincing, but she got the job done. We usually see more of these videos at the Major League level, but this season nobody is risking their beer for a ball. I don’t blame them when you’re paying $8 for a Bud heavy, but you are basically guaranteed to go viral.

This chick here did it all for the love of the game. She didn’t know she’d be on camera at the TinCaps game or that she’d be on a blog today, but she knew what she had to do when that thing landed in her beer. I respect the hell out of that.