IG Golfer Susana Benavides Has A Trick Shot Video You’ll Enjoy This Weekend

It’s been well over a year since L.A. James or Danny the Intern first posted IG golf-ista Susana Benavides, a member of the hot IG golf community who has been going about her business as one of those hot IG golfers that you don’t think can really golf. Well….let’s end all that talk right now.

Susana was out with a trick shot video this week that should gain some respect amongst the hot IG golf community. I’m still trying to figure out what’s on the gutter to launch the ball off the roof. And…is someone on the roof rolling a ball down and into the cup? Going to give Susana the benefit of the doubt here. It’s not like she’s pumping out trick shot videos daily.

As for Benavides’s golf career, the Ohio State alum appears to have played in recent LPGA event, the Shop Rite. There was some sort of online vote and she ended up playing. Not sure how it all went down, but there’s a tweet to prove it.

Such a fun week at the @ShopRiteLPGA !!!😍😘 #shopritelpgaclassic pic.twitter.com/6PiTMsO8JO

— Susana Benavides (@mumita_b) June 2, 2017

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