Tyronn Lue Definitely Fell Asleep During The Cavs-Lakers Summer League Game


Tyronn Lue was not buying into the Lozno Ball hype last night. He didn’t care about what brand of sneaks he was wearing, he didn’t care about another triple-double in a game that doesn’t count, it was nap time for Coach Lue.

It’s been a long couple of years for Ty Lue. He’s coached in like 200+ games over the last 24 months, so let’s all let this dude take a nap in peace.

Although, you could make the argument that he should be paying attention. Not because the players on the court are going to be the future of his team, but because that kid out there rocking the Harden’s and stuffing the stat sheet is going to be the guy who’s luring LeBron away around this time next year. Keep that head on a swivel, Lue.

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