IG Model Brissa Dominguez Gets Lit At Florida Hotel, Towel Whips A Cop, Mule Kicks Another & Gets Arrested


Meet Brissa Dominguez, the Instagram model who’s about to become real famous for going OFF at a Clearwater, Florida hotel at 4:20 a.m. where she was reportedly trespassing, according to the hotel and cops who arrested her. It gets better – she was naked.

Brissa, who goes by ‘baybaddiebrie’ on IG, went nuts on the cops and here we are with what’s going to be the police report of the week.

Let’s hear from The Smoking Gun:

When Officer Richard Edmonds arrived at the hotel, he “found the defendant to be nude.” After Edmonds handed Dominguez a towel “to cover herself,” she “used said towel to strike me in the face by swinging it in a whipping motion.”

As Edmonds and other cops sought to arrest Dominguez for trespassing, she kicked three patrolmen and “attempted to bite and spit on” one officer. Edmonds was on the receiving end of a “mule kick” that the 5’ 4”, 130-pound Dominguez reportedly executed as cops tried to “effect an arrest during difficult circumstances.”

Brissa hasn’t missed a beat on IG where she’s back to posting as if nothing happened. That’s how you know Brissa is a real pro’s pro on IG. You don’t miss a beat. I don’t care if you go to jail or not. You always have photo ammunition on the phone ready to go when you get out. Right back to the grind.

[HT: @WynHere]

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