Bre Tiesi Spending Quality Time With the Manziel Fam in Las Vegas

If you’ve been worried about the lack of Johnny Manziel content lately, join the club. It’s been almost two months since we’ve thrown up a Johnny Football post, a far cry from the days when the legend paid our bills.

However, we are happy to report Johnny is alive and well as he’s currently in Las Vegas with fiancee Bre Tiesi. Ol’ No. 2 appears appears to be in good shape (and is without his blonde wig disguise):


But this isn’t just another couple’s trip — Bre’s also spending some quality time with Johnny’s sister, Meri:

So much love between these two you can just feel it:


Oh snap, Grandma Manziel, too?


Bre and Johnny, of course, got engaged back in early March and have yet to set a wedding date as far as we know. You already know we’re jonesing for that wedding registry.