RG3’s Side Piece Pops Out A Baby


I wish Grete Sadeiko all the best. She’s the RG3 slam piece that he was slamming while still married to his first wife, who gave birth to RG3’s baby girl in May 2015. Quick math here: RG3’s first baby was just over a year old when Rob was knocking up his side piece. I’m telling you, this guy has had a BIG 14-15 months.

Now 27, RG3 is unemployed, has a baby and baby mama (remember when he was possibly texting the Hooters waitress on his wedding day?) to pay for 18 years and now has a new baby mama from Estonia who has a giant rock on her hand. I also checked real estate listings and RG3’s still trying to sell his first marital home. The house was yanked off the market in May with a price tag just under $2.7M.

I know what you’re thinking: this is trouble for RG3.

However, as Rob always says, “No pressure, no diamonds.”

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