Mallory Edens Wrecking The Red Carpet, Cowboys ‘Triplets’ Reunion & A Dodgers D-Bag


All you gambling degenerates get excited…

… because legal nationwide sports betting is coming. I don’t want to go all legal on you, but the Supreme Court taking the NJ sports gambling case pretty much means that it’s getting overturned, and will set a precedent for states to vote on it themselves in the future. Which is exactly how it should be. Vegas apparently isn’t worried about losing competition, either. If sports gambling is legalized nationwide, Avello expects it to have a negligible effect on the betting handle in Las Vegas. “I remember when Atlantic City opened up gambling and they said it was going to hurt Las Vegas. It didn’t. It actually made it even stronger,” he said. “People coming to town are going to play while they’re here and they’re going to bet while they’re home.”

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