Here's Conor McGregor's Reaction When He First Saw The Mural Of Him KOing Mayweather

If you follow Conor McGregor on any form of social media, you know about this giant mural in the gym he’s training at for Floyd Mayweather. He’s made sure to post about 100 pictures of it in the week it’s been in there. Which isn’t a knock, it’s actually genius promotion by him. And it’s so cocky that you have to love it.
As it turns out, he didn’t even commission the painting. The Metro in the UK reports that it was actually a surprise for Conor:

The UFC star’s long-time coach and friend, John Kavanagh, had the painting done as a surprise for his fighter.
Subset Dublin did the mural in a weekend and McGregor was surprised as he walked into the gym for the start of his week.

Obviously, that means he was going to have an incredible reaction when he finally saw the surprise.

Can’t believe we have to wait 2 more months for this freaking fight.

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Floyd Mayweather Getting His Hands Taped to Toto's 'Africa'
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