British Dolphins Fan Gets Married While Wearing A Fins Helmet

I’ll never get enough of these die-hard NFL fan stories. Dudes that are so in deep with their teams that it invades their personal life to the point where they are rocking a helmet at their own wedding. I love it. It reminds me of that Green Bay fan who’s taking his fiancée’s last name because it’s Packer.

This story gets even better because our groom here is actually British. His Twitter account says he’s from Horsham, West Sussex in England, but he’s living and dying with Miami sports. We don’t see that kind of NFL fandom from across the pond. Respect.

And shout out to his ride or die bride-to-be. If you skipped over the captions and just looked at the pictures, you missed the fact that she bought that helmet and she cool with that wedding topper. That’s one down ass chick.

He may be from England, but he’s as die-hard as they come

And here’s his story on how he became a Dolphins fan

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