LFL Player Gets Dropped With One Punch After Talking Trash During A TD Celebration


You want violence back in football? I’ll give you violence back in football right here. Of course, it’s coming to you from the Legends Football League because no sports league knows how to give the people what they want more than the LFL.

Women, lingerie, football, motorboat TD celebrations and now fights. It’s everything you could want and more. This clip comes from a game between the Omaha Heart and Pittsburgh Rebellion. Pittsburgh was on the way to their first ever win against the Heart when they scored this TD. Little did they know that one of their injured players was going to hobble over and talk some trash before getting dropped with a right cross to the grill.

Come at the Queen, you best not miss or you’re going to get a fist to the face. Can’t ask for much more than that from the LFL. Just pure entertainment.

She might’ve gotten dropped but… SCOREBOARD


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