Reports: U.S. Open Blimp Catches Fire, Crashes, People Parachute Out (Updates)


Patrons at the U.S. Open at Erin Hills are reporting that the blimp providing television shots to Fox Sports has caught fire and crashed.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that a witness saw a pilot apparently parachuting to the ground.

From the BC DMs:

hey..I used to work for AirSign…I was txting the owner about an hour ago….the PenFed blimp was @the us open…and from the video reports of the crash, it looks like it was the PenFed

but- those blimps are [edited:] propane propelled….so if there was a fire, that is pretty scary

usually they will have 3/4 large tanks for a 3/4 hour flight

More information as we get it.

KHQ-TV is reporting:

AirSign confirms one of their blimps has crashed at the U.S. Open. Only the pilot was on board and they escaped serious injury.

Here are shots from a TV helicopter at the scene:

Smoke from the U.S. Open blimp crash:

Here’s earlier video of the PenFed blimp flying over Erin Hills:

This appears to be the blimp that was flying over the U.S. Open with advertisement from PenFed Credit Union:

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