Lonzo Ball Debuts His $495 ZO2 Sneakers

It’s been over a month since Big Baller Brand broke everyone’s brains with their $495 ZO2 sneakers, but up until now we’ve really only seen the Ball Brothers rock Jordans or Adidas (something that is A-ok with LaVar, in case you were wondering). That ended Wednesday night when Lonzo and Li’Angelo finally broke out the ZO2s at an Adidas event:

If you’re one of the very special people who shelled out $495 — or even worse, $995 — for ZO2s you can finally rest easy, because the shoes that you can neither return or exchange do exist. The bad news? They’re a little underwhelming for something that might cost you half a paycheck.

LaVar wants you to know you won’t be able to buy these babies after June 22:

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