Hue Jackson Needs A Little Booze To Deal With The Browns QB Situation

Yep, that sounds about right. The Browns are heading into yet another Training Camp with a gaggle of depressing quarterbacks. It’s like clockwork at this point. We’re talking like 20 years straight of a summer Browns QB competition, and it’s always ended with about 2-3 names added to that infamous jersey¬†by December.

Hue Jackson knows what he’s working with. He’s searched for that magical game tape that apparently shows Brock Osweiler playing well in Houston. He heard Deshone Kizer say he was Tom Brady and Cam Newton combined. And he saw Cody Kessler¬†be about as mediocre as you can be last season. He knows he needs about 4-5 Mai Tai’s just to get a little liquid confidence and make this shitty decision. Don’t blame him one bit.

God, I feel bad for Browns fans.

Soon those Mai Tai’s will be straight whiskey

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