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Buy This Nebraska Cornhuskers Chevy Silverado — $4,500


via Craigslist

We’re still over two months away from the start of college football season, but Nebraska fans can get ready for that Sep. 2 home opener against Arkansas State by purchasing this Husker 1992 Chevy Silverado. The current owner admits that it has some “dings and scratches”, but he did drop $800 on this custom Nebraska hood:

via Craigslist

And another $300 on this rear vinyl wrap:

via Craigslist

Additional details from Craigslist:

But the really great thing about this truck is the $800 painted Husker hood and the $300 vinyl wrapped tail gate. Great for Husker sports tailgating! They just look cool anytime. We get lots of compliments on them. Everything works on the truck. It has a modified front grill, wheels from a 2003 Silverado (much better looking), stainless steel rocker panel moldings (because there is some rust under there being a 25 year old truck), custom tail lights, window visors and a chrome hood bug deflector. In addition it has been modified to make it a dual exhaust to get a great sound.

Split the cost with your boys and steal the show at Memorial Stadium.


via Craigslist

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