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Just another night at the Planet Hollywood in Vegas

From the LVRJ:  A gunshot was fired as police tried to take into custody two underage gamblers Tuesday morning at a Strip casino, Las Vegas police said. Nobody was hurt in the shooting, which happened about 12:30 a.m. at Planet Hollywood Resort, 3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Metropolitan Police Department Lt. David Gordon said. One of the two underage gamblers attempted to escape detectives. “A struggle ensued,” Gordon said. He said the gambler tried to grab a handgun from his waist during the tussle. While police tried to stop him from removing the gun, he said, a round was fired into the floor.

Wait a minute, that’s it? That’s all the info we get on this one? I need to know what they were playing. Are we talking a hot game of blackjack when the fuzz got suspicious? Are we talking the poker room? And how doesn’t a gun going off cause absolute panic at a Vegas casino? I’m a sucker for a good Vegas story, like the one where the guy stole all the craps chips but was eventually caught because he couldn’t figure out how to money launder the big denominations. Hopefully this one gets updated at some point.

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