Steph Curry’s Getting Foul Calls From Halfcourt Now


Yo Cleveland, don’t lose too much sleep if the Cavs can’t steal Game 2 from the Warriors — there’s not much to be done when two-time MVP Stephen Curry is getting BS shooting foul calls from halfcourt:

As someone who watches Chris Paul pull the same damn move all season and never ever get rewarded with shots, you better believe I was just as pissed as Richard Jefferson. For real, no one else in the league gets that call. No one.

This was a brilliant play by Curry. He knew the foul was coming and you can see him look at basket before the contact. Easy call.

— Cork Gaines (@CorkGaines) June 5, 2017

Meanwhile, JaVale McGee can get away with this “common foul” wrap up of LeBron:

#NBA: LeBron anota con Javale 'colgado' del hombro. Imparable y 2+1.

— Cristhiam Jirón (@CJJnews) June 5, 2017

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