IG Model Laci Kay Somers Denies Partying With Tiger Before His DUI


I don’t think any of us would be shocked if we found out Tiger was mingling with one, or multiple IG models on the night of his DUI. That’s just in Tiger’s nature. He’s going to find himself hanging with these chicks one way or another.

However, this specific IG model, Laci Kay Somers, says that despite the rumors floating around on the interwebs, she was not hanging out with Tiger on Sunday night and actually hasn’t even talked to or met him.

This is what she tells TMZ:

Laci tells TMZ … multiple reports claiming she was in Florida Sunday night with Tiger are completely false. She insists she was in L.A. all weekend with her mom, and more to the point … she’s NEVER met Tiger.

Fact is, Laci fits the mold — smoking hot blonde a la Tiger’s current squeeze Kristin Smith … not to mention Lindsey Vonn and Elin Nordegren. However, the model, who has 8 million IG followers, says she has zero history with him … no phone calls, no texts, no sliding up in the DMs.

So we can put that one to rest. Laci Kay Somers is not messing around with Tiger.

One thing we do know for sure, though, is that she’s a Warriors fan, so I’m sure she’s more worried about tonight than anything else.

[IG – Laci Kay Somers]

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