Dewayne Dedmon Attempts to Breathe Life Into the Spurs, Takes a Shot Stephen Curry’s Knee


Is Dewayne Dedmon in the wrong for blindsiding Stephen Curry during garbage time? As you can see from the video below… probably:

Dirty for sure, but I can’t say I don’t respect the move. That’s not a popular angle to take considering cool Twitter is condemning Dedmon, but what are you supposed to do when you’re without Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, and now David Lee? Just die softly to setup the Warriors-Cavs rematch? Hell no.

Kawhi had his ankle taken out with some BS closeout by Zaza Pachula, so you might as well get some blood in return.

LaMarcus Aldridge’s attempted takeout from Game 1:

Aldridge on Durant in Game 3 (Can’t fault his effort):


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