James Harden Made Sure To Hit The Club After The Spurs Blew His Doors Off

Obviously, the biggest sports story of the day is the Spurs somehow putting a beatdown on the Rockets to close out the series on the road without Kawhi or Tony Parker.  I said on Twitter at the beginning of the game that Pop was going to win this game because that’s just what he does. He’s a wizard.
In the process, they basically put James Harden in a straight jacket and held him to a cool 10 points and 6 turnovers. It was a total embarrassment and people were actually wondering if he was point shaving.
Before we even heard the final buzzer, Twitter was already making jokes about Harden hitting the club immediately after the game. And guess what? That’s exactly what he did.

Can’t blame him. If anyone needed to blow off some steam last night it was him.

You Would Think The Spurs Won Another Ring The Way Their Fans Celebrated Last Night
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