Penguins Fans Chant "You Can't Beat Us" After Bouncing The Capitals Again

This may shock you, but the Capitals got knocked out the playoffs in the second round again. I know, who would’ve predicted that? You can mark down three years in a row now that the Caps have gotten bounced in round 2 and two years in a row as the President’s Trophy winner. Also, let’s not forget that they’ve NEVER made it past round 2 since Ovechkin was drafted.
It’s been a running joke on the internet for a while now about how every year is the Caps year. Every off-season they make a move that further stacks the roster, and then every spring they just rip the hearts out of their fan base again. It’s really amazing.
And to make things worse, they lost to the Penguins again this year. So Pittsburgh fans did what they do last night and stomped on some graves outside of the Verizon Center.

Just right in all of these Caps fans’ faces. Ruthless.

“We still got the Wizards”…that’s tough



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Watch Vladimir Putin Score Goals on Helpless Defenders
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