Talladega Looked Real Boring Like Usual


just spit on it // #dega 🏁

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I can’t make it to all the top events, people. Yes, I wanted to be at Dega this year after my big debut in 2016 where things were pretty damn fun, but at some point you have to be responsible with life so I just partied here in town this weekend. Mrs. BC is starting to get a little annoyed with all the travel, especially now that Little Little BC is here. I have responsibilities unlike some of you maniacs.

Anyway, it looks like Dega was Dega again this year. I’m telling you, get to Dega before you die. Get a couple buddies together, rent an RV and do it right. Make sure you’re there for Friday night on The Strip. It’s one of those scenes you have to witness to believe it exists. And I hear the camping at Dega is some of the wildest shit ever. I still need to see that.

Last thing: figure out a way to get a golf cart or another mode of transportation into the infield. You’ll want to see it all. Trust me.

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#tittietrain #dega #Roach2Richiez #party #degababy

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Roll Tide… 😂😂 @talladegasupers #Dega #alabama #SEC

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so yeah, this dude definitely pissed in the stands #ilovedega #dega #talladega

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Had to for the sake of living in bama! #dale#talladeganights #dega

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#Dega days… #Talladega (via @dylan_beaudoin) #nascar

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If you ain't first, you ain't Bama. #talladega #nascar #degababy #itsmillertime

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Chase is about to come at this track like a spider monkey 😛 #shakeandbake #talladega

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