Kevin Durant Had Himself A Nice Night Of Trash Talk

Kevin Durant really let loose with his potty mouth last night in Game 3 of the Warriors-Jazz series. Heading into this game, the Warriors were already up 2-0 in the series without really breaking a sweat, so to keep us all entertained KD fought with everyone, from Rudy Gobert to the Jazz mascot.

Let’s head to tapes and see what got Kevin so angry.

First, the Jazz mascot stayed on the court way too long

I think this is what started it all.

Then Rudy Gobert got a little too physical

Already mad at the mascot, now he’s really fired up.

Wait, another “Bitch ass..” is coming

Gobert misses both flagrant free throws and KD isn’t done.

He took time to be nice to a fan, though

A lesson to be learned here: the NBA is soft

Bonus word of the day: “Kerfuffle”

So there you have it. Kevin Durant did his best to make this series interesting. But really, can we just fast forward to the Finals?

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