Watch Robyn Hayward Throw Some Lead at the Shooting Range

Jazz fans are a pretty devout and rowdy bunch, but they need something to get them amped for this hopeless Warriors series again. Watching your best defender get reduced to rubble while trying to guard Stephen Curry can make you lose all hope:

Steph Curry just put Gobert in the SPIN CYCLE 😳😳😳😳

— Herbo (@MumboSauceGawd) May 3, 2017

Another rap song by Jazz superfan ZDOG would certainly rally the Mormons before Game 2, but it doesn’t look like that’s in cards. So we’ll have to carry the load ourselves with some IG clips of Robyn Hayward pumping lead at the shooting range — just envision Curry’s face on the target:

We need some video of Gordon shooting ASAP: