Paul George Went To Disneyland, Lakers Fans Tried To Recruit Him

Did you expect Paul George to get away with going to Disneyland in May and not get the recruiting pitch from Lakers fans who are desperate to add some firepower to a 26 win team.

I’ll let the Indy Star break it all down as to how George could end up in L.A. It’s all so confusing.

If, however, George indicates he will not re-sign with the Pacers, he becomes a free agent after the 2017-18 season and can sign a four-year deal worth approximately $133 million with another team. In this case, the Pacers could trade him this offseason, mostly likely on draft night. The draft lottery on May 16 is the next key date in this scenario. The Lakers, Celtics, 76ers and Nuggets were all reported to be interested in acquiring George at the trade deadline this season, and each is in the lottery.

In other words, Lakers fans need to work on George to put pressure on the Pacers. I guess that’s what I’m hearing.

Anyway, the fans, who seem to know about as much as I do about the situation, thought they could persuade the 24 ppg guy to head west and Make The Lakers Great Again.

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