Jazz Fan ZDOG Roasts the Warriors in New Playoff Rap



Uh oh. Jazz superfan/rap artist ZDOG, who you remember spitting fire on the Charmin’ soft Los Angeles Clippers, is back with a new NBA Playoffs rap, and this time he’s taking aim at the Golden State Warriors.

How confident is ZDOG about his underdog Jazz entering the lion’s den that is Oracle Arena? Very! He refers back to the Jazz beating the “We Believe” Warriors in 2007 and drops scathing hot takes on Draymond, Matt Barnes, and Bay Area fans — it’s easily worth two minutes of your time:

Jazz Nation All The Way pic.twitter.com/TL8Ig7lggM

— ZDOG (@ZDOG223) May 3, 2017

Don’t f—k with ZDOG:

GAME 7 HERE WE COME pic.twitter.com/pKBF9cwXkU

— ZDOG (@ZDOG223) April 29, 2017

ZDOG ALL THE WAY pic.twitter.com/LAlyjrmBhK

— ZDOG (@ZDOG223) April 20, 2017

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