Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian Taking a Playoff Break?

Are you one of the people who signed the petition begging Tristan Thompson to dump Khloe Kardashian? If so, we have some good news for you — TT and Khloe may be on the outs, at least temporarily.

Yes. All you Cavs fans worried about the Kardashian Kurse torpedoing the repeat bid can breathe easy, because MediaTakeout reports the two are on a break:

According to a person close to the Cleveland Cavs center, Tristan has asked Khloe to “take a break” – so that he could focus on Basketball. learned that Tristan has been working on his relationship with his baby’s mother Jordyn. And we hear there’s a chance that there could be a RECONCILIATION between the two – somewhere down the line.

Will this breakup suddenly fix the Cavs’ leaky defense? Probably not! But putting the Kurse on ice definitely doesn’t hurt.

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