Greg Stiemsma Blocked By Rim, Shoves Opponent in Charity Game

Greg Stiemsma has been off the radar since getting cut by the Portland Trail Blazers in October. But the former Wisconsin big man resurfaced this past weekend and stirred up some drama at a “Hoops for Hope” charity basketball game.
As you can see below, this event randomly got lit when Stiemsma, who stands at 6’11”, failed to dunk over a defender and subsequently shoved him in frustration. Big No. 32 wasn’t having that mess and shoved Stiemsma right back:

Despite that embarrassing display of pettiness, one of the organizers tried to defend Stiemsma’s actions by stating he was “undercut”:

Might want to watch that failed poster again, sir:

Larry Bird Rolling in a Pacers Indy Car
Larry Bird Rolling in a Pacers Indy Car
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