Bama Chick Throws Viscious Knockout Punch To Her Male Friend

Alabama’s spring game is today and that means I’ve perusing the internet all afternoon looking for Bama content from Tuscaloosa. I mean this is like a religious holiday for them, so I’ve been searching Twitter and I’ve been exploring Instagram for some Bammers to do something wild.

I didn’t see anything all morning from Bryant-Denny or T-Town until I came across this IG video with absolutely zero context. It’s just a short, six second clip of one Bama fan (chick) absolutely blasting another Bama fan (dude) in the face and knocking him out cold.

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Never underestimate the strength of a Bammer #rolltide

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The beauty of it is the no context. I don’t want to know what these bammers were up to, I just want to enjoy the show. And what a show it was. That guy might be dead. We might actually need to check up on that.

Also, it was fun posting this throwback this morning