Royals Old Timer Punches Woman For Allegedly Spitting On Him And Throwing Punch

I smell a debate coming on Facebook. This one will takeoff and there will be men saying the woman deserved to be punched and that if you’re going to spit on a guy and punch him, you deserve the same. Then there will be the side who says a man should never lay his hands on a woman. Instant Facebook debate material for days.
Every TV station across this country will run it. Comments, shares and likes for DAYS.
TMZ reports:

A male Kansas City Royals fan reached back and socked a woman in the face after she allegedly spit on him in the stands at a game … and BOTH people got arrested.

Just an observation: Baseball fans seem to be overly amped up for April. I’m pretty excited to see what they have planned when the weather gets hot and emotions get out of control. Should be a wild summer after a couple of slow years for dumb baseball fans.

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