Mariners Fans Have Already Eaten 18,000 Grasshoppers At Safeco Field

Every year before the MLB season starts we get to see all of the new food that stadiums are introducing for the summer. We’ve posted a bunch of them and they’re usually some bizarre combination of regular ballpark food. The Mariners went the other way, though. Instead of creating some buffalo chicken mac & cheese nacho burrito, they just decided to serve grasshoppers. 

Turns out, Mariner fans freaking LOVE grasshoppers. So much so that they’ve sold out in the first three home games of the season.
Our boy Rovell did a story on it this morning:

After surprisingly selling out of grasshoppers at a concession stand for the first three games of the season, the Seattle Mariners have called in an emergency order so that they last throughout this weekend. The team is also imposing a per-game order limit for the rest of the season.
Mariners spokeswoman Rebecca Hale told ESPN that the team sold 901 orders of the insects over the first three home games. The grasshoppers are toasted in a chili lime salt and come in a four-ounce cup for $4.
“We’ve sold roughly 18,000 grasshoppers,” Hale said. “That’s more than the restaurant [that runs the stand], Poquitos, sells in a year.”

Apparently, grasshoppers are actually good for you. It has lots of nutrients and stuff. I’ll just stick to a chicken enchilada hotdog or something.


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