Gronk Is Good At A Lot Of Things, Rapping Is Not One Of Them

Off-season Gronk is in full force right and it’s glorious. We might not have the Gronk Cruise anymore, but this twosome of him and Mojo Rawley have been tearing up the internet for weeks now. It started before Wrestlemania with Gronk getting Mojo ready, then came the now famous Wrestlemania appearance, and it’s still hasn’t stopped.
The tag team hit the studio with DJ Whoo Kid and Gronk got behind the mic to spit some bars. He can’t be that bad, right? WRONG. Let’s just say rapping is not on the list of things Gronk excels at.

Let’s let him stick to football and wrestling.

Gronk and Mojo getting hype a few weeks back

Gronk lighting a dude up at Wrestlemania

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