Best of WrestleMania 33 Fans

WrestleMania 34 is scheduled to be in New Orleans a year from now. I’m going on record right now saying that I’ll figure out a way to be at that event. I’m talking a couple days early, watching grown men wrassle in the French Quarter. I’m excited. Bucket list.
I went way too long thinking WrestleMania was just about the wrasslin. Turns out this is nothing different than going to a GameDay event. I need to see the fans in their element. I need to see the creativity. I need to see the spectacle. I need to see a Hollywood Hogan vs. Andre parking lot war.
The thing about WrestleMania that intrigues me is that it doesn’t matter if you’re dressed like it’s Halloween, it’s encouraged. That’s the type of event I want to attend. Screw going to some expensive baseball game I won’t care about in a couple days. I’m saving up money right now.
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Fake Bret Hart Looks Ready for WrestleMania
Fake Bret Hart Looks Ready for WrestleMania
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