Cavs Fan Wears A Burnt LeBron James Jersey With A 'King James' Sign In Denver

When LeBron announced his return to Cleveland in the summer of 2014, we knew all of those fans who cursed him and burned his gear were going to jump right back on the bandwagon. This isn’t breaking news here. LeBron leaves and they become the worst team in the league, then he returns and they win a title. I don’t necessarily blame the fans for hopping back on board.
But this dude just straight up rocking the jersey he burned in 2010 to a game is downright embarrassing. Have some goddamn self respect and buy a new one. At least try and hide the fact that you hated LeBron’s guts only 7 years ago. And not only that, don’t wear the burnt jersey AND bring a ‘King James’ sign to the game.

Let me say this, though. I won’t lump the rest of Cleveland fans in with this guy because he lives in Denver. There’s a good chance this is all for show.


I’m hearing this jersey design wasn’t introduced until after LeBron left, so he couldn’t have burned it in 2010. So I’ll say this to the Denver Nuggets… next time you plant a fan in the arena with a burnt jersey, make sure the jersey is from the right year.


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