Of Course LaVar Ball Isn't Backing Down From LeBron

A lot of people made a big deal about LeBron James calling out LaVar Ball, but we all knew that wasn’t going to stop Lonzo’s daddy from running his mouth. In fact, it’s exactly what LaVar wanted, and he wasted no time firing back at The King this morning on SiriusXM College Sports:

I mean, there’s Steph Curry, Prince Fielder, Ken Griffey Jr., etc… but this isn’t about facts.
For what it’s worth, LaVar also went on “The JT the Brick Show” to say he has no issues with LeBron:

“I have no problem with LeBron, they asked me a question about if I thought superstar players’ kids were good. My opinion is I’ve never seen one that’s been really good. LeBron is going to make his kids one of the best players ever according to him.”
“I’ve never seen one really live up to what their dad has done, so he could be the first. It’s not about me having his kids name in my mouth, I’m not worried about his family. If somebody asks me a question I’ll answer it the way I want to answer it.”

Check back in tomorrow to find out which Hall of Famer or All Star LaVar pisses off next.

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