Prove You're A Real Patriots Fan…Buy This Patriots/Red Sox Golf Cart

Here in Toledo, Ohio it was recently announced that golf carts will be legal on certain city streets, including one that is semi-lined with bars & has an open container law allowing people to walk around with beers. Fellas, we’re headed for big things once cities start to understand that you have to treat certain parts of your city like it’s a tropical island even if it’s in a dive Ohio city littered with empty buildings.
You have to make it interesting and fun.
And golf carts are the next wave of fun in these downtowns where the streets used to be empty because white people were afraid of getting blasted. You announce new regulations announcing street legal golf carts are OK and you’ll have a huge golf cart gold rush.
That’s why you need to jump on this Patriots/Red Sox golf cart. It’ll do 35 mph, has all the necessities to have a fun night of bar hopping. The guy is asking $5,475, but that really means he’ll take $4,750.
From the seller:

2002 Ford THINK Neighbor.  A 72 Volt electric golf cart, 35 MPH, street legal – can be registered.  Front and rear white lights, turn signals, red brake lights, windshield wiper, plus 2 front and 2 rear blue police lights and a siren (chase and arrest friends on the course, in the woods or at the campground), clear Patriot cutout windows Lt & Rt side, PATRIOT and RED SOX names on rear posts, PEE on the Yankees cartoon on windshield and other assorted logos.  Gel batteries (4/5 yr old) with built in 120v plug in charger.  Use as a second vehicle for errands. LSV = Low Speed Vehicle, NEV = Neighborhood Electric Vehicle.  458 Miles, 5 passenger – 2 forward facing seats and rear 3 person bench seat.  Come take a test drive!

Chicks for days. You’ll have to beat them off as you’re cruising the bars. Think of all the rides you’ll be providing.

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