Florida Man Goes Nuts Chops $100 Bill In Half With Ax, Throws Ax At His Money Grubbing Dad, Hits Dad In The Wrist

How many of you have a father who’s always begging for cash and is a giant pain in the ass? Not many, right? Wellllll…Austin Odom down in Stock Island, Florida — it’s the key before you get to Key West — has to deal with an old man who thinks his son is a bank and things came to a boil Monday at 10 a.m.
Austin finally had enough. He snapped. And got his ax.
From Local10:

Austin Odom, 26, faces a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
Odom’s 47-year-old father told deputies that he asked his son for some money to buy food, which made Odom angry. He said Odom slapped a $100 bill onto the counter, grabbed an ax and chopped the bill in half.
Herrin said Odom then threw the ax at his father, who ducked and put his hands up to protect himself.
A witness heard Odom’s father screaming for help and saw him holding his wrist. The witness confronted Odom and persuaded him to hand over the ax.

Here’s the part that I like: Austin admits it all and says dad called him names after he wouldn’t hand over the cash.

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