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The Vegas NFL stadium site doesn’t have the best history

Teams moving cities always depends on the stadium. If the old city won’t pay for a new one, they look other places. Then, if the new city can get funding, a plan, and a site set in place, they move. That’s been the battle with the Raiders and Vegas. But it looks like the site where the stadium has been pitched has a long history of proposals that never came through. From the Review Journal: Lenders foreclosed on the 63-acre Russell Road site in fall 2009, after the economy crashed. But developers have never been short on ideas for the property. According to Clark County records and news reports: 1973: County commissioners approve plans for a 1,000-space travel trailer park. 1976: Commissioners approve plans for a 10-building, 3,000-room hotel complex. 1996: Commissioners OK plans for two eight-story hotels. 2004: Investors draw up plans for a 7 million-square-foot project with hotels, a convention center and condos. 2011: High-speed-train promoters say they want a station there for a rail-line connecting Las Vegas with Victorville, California. Also in 2011: Developer Chris Milam — who pitched the 142-story hotel and 20,000-seat arena at the Wet ’n Wild site — unveils plans for a $1.95 billion, three-stadium sports complex at Russell Road. 2014: Developer Jack Kashani pursues plans for a 2 million-square-foot fashion expo center there. Those are all in the same spot the stadium has been proposed for. A bunch of ideas that never came through. Not a very good history, if you ask me.

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