Phillies Fan Excited To See Snow After Being In Jail Earlier This Year

.@garyfox5dc and @VBagate met Mr. Paul in Frederick, MD. He wanted to be on TV. We have a feeling he'll get his wish. #fox5snowday #snowday

— FOX 5 DC (@fox5dc) March 14, 2017

Did you hear how it didn’t really snow that much in New York? Or Philly. Yeah, it was a bust, but we did get a great video out of Phillies fan in Frederick, Maryland who seemed excited (does it seem like he’s faking?) to see snow after being in jail earlier this year.

Of course Philly fans will say their fans get a bad rap and that they’ve never murdered anyone. But that’s a lie.

There were a couple areas that got dumped on:

Top snowfall totals as of 9:30am. Northern New York the big winner but #Vermont was not left out! Still snowing in some places! #Adirondacks

— Caitlin Napoleoni (@CaitlinMyNBC5) March 15, 2017