Ole Miss Chick Broke Into Ex-Boyfriend's House, Stole Collar Off His Dog, Gets Arrested

Of course it just means more in the SEC where fans count Bama football and Kentucky basketball national titles as their own. It’s where they chant “SEC” at the Liberty Bowl. You do whatever it takes to win. If that means shady recruiting practice, so be it. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying in the SEC.
That’s why I have to appreciate the hustle out of Ole Miss student Kimberly Barco. She really wanted that dog collar.
From The Local Voice (Oxford, MS):

On February 28, 2017 officers with the Oxford Police Department took a walk in report of residential burglary. The victim reported that his ex-girlfriend who was identified as Kimberly Barco broke into his residence through a window and stole a dog collar that was on his dog. Kimberly Barco was subsequently charged by the victim, she has been arrested and given a bond of $1,000.

Name another conference where hot chicks break into ex-boyfriend houses to steal dog collars. You can’t. It just means more in the SEC. Dog collars matter.
From Kimberly’s Facebook:

Meet Ali Marks — Girlfriend of Villanova Guard Jalen Brunson
Meet Ali Marks — Girlfriend of Villanova Guard Jalen Brunson
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